Registration and Fees

Register online here.  Click here to see who is registered, or contact the registrar.

Registration deadlines:

Early registration closes on Sunday, March 15 at 6:00am.

Regular registration closes on Saturday, May 16 at 6:00am.

Late registration closes on Monday, June 15 at 10:00am.


Friday SprintEarlyRegularLate
SI E-punch rental$2$2$2
OUSA member discount-$4-$4-$4
CTOC member discount-$5-$5-$5
Saturday Ultra-LongEarlyRegularLate
E-punch rental$2$2$2
OUSA member discount-$4-$4-$4
CTOC member discount-$5-$5-$5
Sunday MiddleEarlyRegularLate
E-punch rental$2$2$2
OUSA member discount-$4-$4-$4
CTOC member discount-$5-$5-$5

*Junior = born in 1995 or later, i.e. age 20 or younger as of 6/26/2015.

Currently day of registration is also allowed – $40 for Friday sprint, $80 for Saturday ultra-long, and $60 for Sunday middle.  We may have extra shirts on hand but this is by no means assured.

Recreational courses will be offered day of race for $15 per person.  These will be manual punch and self-timed (no results/ranking) and only on White and Yellow levels (same courses as the Champs).

The various color levels at an A meet indicating shades of difficulty may be unfamiliar to you.  OUSA has a good reference here.

Group Meals:

The group dinner for Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning will not go through as planned, since we did not meet the necessary minimums.  The current plan is to self-serve lasagna, salad, and dessert from Trudy’s, which will be handled by CTOC volunteers.  No Sunday breakfast.  Refunds will be provided for the difference to those who have registered for the meal.

It turns out Idaho City is having their annual rodeo this same weekend.  This may provide some further entertainment options after your course is done, but it’s also likely to keep the relatively few dining places in town quite busy, including Trudy’s itself.  Aside from the time to share splits and adventures from the day, the group dinner may be one of the easier options available.


Short sleeve technical fabric shirt featuring the Gold Rush meet emblem, designed by Lee Scott of CTOC.  Sizes from XS to 4XL, in mens, womens, youth sizes.  Shirts cannot be assured after registration closes on June 15.